Economically Responsible Investments

When logistically feasible, Arrowhead Asset Management makes every effort to only invest in ETFs, mutual funds and individual companies that provide problem-solving products or services that incorporate sane economic and social attributes into their business model including:

1) Solid, well managed companies with strong, sustainable profits - simultaneously integrating a corporate policy that strives to enhance the quality of our culture and society.

2) We ideologically avoid "dirty energy" fossil fuel investments, focusing wholly on investing in sectors, industries and companies making a concerted effort to reduce their carbon footprint and negative environmental impact - using investment data based on fact-based science and sincere corporate governance policies.

3) To the best of our research abilities, we only invest in companies that treat their employees with respect and dignity, who pay their employees adequately - so their employees will not need government welfare, which ultimately forces tax-paying citizens to subsidize a company's profits (aka the corporate welfare "Wal-Mart effect").

4) Companies that demonstrably respect race, gender, age, and religious diversity - including the ethical treatment of animals.

5) Companies that promote a healthy social and cultural lifestyle, including investments largely free of obesity-inducing products & services. We make every effort to avoid companies that engage in addiction profiteering - alcohol, pornography, gambling, opioids, and unnecessary "lifestyle" pharmaceuticals; and 

6) Arrowhead Asset Management will also not invest in companies that manufacture and provide products or services for offensive military interventions - including war profiteering companies and private contractors that provide technology and services to repressive foreign regimes.

7) Arrowhead Asset Management will not invest in politically-dysfunctional companies that directly or indirectly promotes or encourages white supremacy and/or LBGTQ hate violence.

8) To the best or our ability, Arrowhead Asset Management will only donate our charitable giving program  monies only to organizations that exposes and challenges multicultural hate, political corruption, and the abuse of animals.

* A publicly-traded company's primary business objective is to "make a profit for shareholders." As a result, it is ultimately the responsibility of one's investment advisor to monitor and moderate a "profit at any cost" business model that can be socially destructive in today's global corporate systems worldwide.