Arrowhead Asset Management Investment Newsletter (3rd Quarter, 2024)

Friends and clients, 

FYI, I’m all in for a “Make America Great Again” movement - just NOT the predatory big government blame scapegoating version being employed by Trump and his 21st century authoritarian sycophants.

My own humble version of MAGA is a “12-Step program” of political economic integrity - based on humility, honesty, service, and eyes wide open problem-solving.

Here is my own RockyMAGA first draft version, which tries to incorporate some no BS economic prosperity thoughts for all Americans:

  1. Healthy national (even State) economies run by competent leaders do not blame or scapegoat convenient political targets for their own unfulfilled or failed economic programs. This economic responsibility rule applies equally to government leaders, corporate leaders, investment professionals, and citizens. The only way your economic or financial life will improve is to take personal responsibility for all economic decisions - success and failures, and stop externalizing your problems.

  2. Successful American organizations and individuals would never adopt or exploit homophobic, racist, antisemitic, Islamophobic, or misogynistic attitudes - to gain political or economic advantage. Individuals who do exploit hate are doomed to hell on Earth and not worthy of your vote, your money, or your trust. All forms of hate is self-destructive - and based on very ignorant fallacious assumptions.

  3. Americans, especially at this time in our history, must take personal responsibility for their self-destructive gullibility when it comes to voting for incompetent shyster politicians. Solution: Admit that you may be stuck in your own unproductive political economic ideology. Voting for the same type of political leader over and over again is the stereotypical definition of insanity.

  4. Contrary to the American Dream belief system, ultra-rich Americans and the politicians the rich elites’ control with legal lobby money bribes - don’t give a damn about you or your financial success. You will never be invited to attend their parties. Any one of the rich elites who proclaim they earned their wealth solely from their own efforts are simply narcissistic megalomaniacs.

  5. The American public education system (funded by various tax revenues) must once again be required to foster critical thinking skills and problem-solving analysis in our students. These cognitive skills will only help our children and grandchildren be productive prosperous citizens (and hopefully sane voters) once again. And stop the shamefully obvious political hate attacks against “woke” educators!

  6. In a thriving economy, Americans must temper the delusional mindset of religious superiority over other faiths. Religious leaders, if competent, should encourage parishioners to incorporate in their lives the spiritual values of tolerance, honesty, humility, and service. No one likes a “supremacist” in any form. Plus, any church, synagogue, or mosque directly promoting political candidates during their regular services should have their tax exempt status revoked.

  7. Americans must comprehend the fact that in the 21st century, tax cuts for the rich are nothing more than political economic theft of our national wealth - arranged by the controlling elites and implemented by “bribed” politicians - to further hoard and control even more of America’s wealth and power.

  8. Americans must wise up to the reality that corporate deregulation policies are written by self-serving corporate elites - and legislatively enacted by their select corrupted politicians. Deregulation today is simply the profiteering legalization of corporate irresponsibility that further jeopardizes 1) our nation’s public health, public safety, worker rights and workplace safety, 2) our legal consumer and citizen rights to address corporate malfeasance, and 3) our already degraded quality of our drinking water, air, and food staples.

  9. Going forward, American citizens must require that our Federal government no longer allow the sale of war profiteering American weapons to 21st century neofascist countries. Our Defense Department tax dollars should never used by elected political leaders for the commitment of war crimes. The sale of American manufactured weapons must only be sold to non-aggressive countries for deterrence. We can no longer afford “mindless military power over sane peace negotiations.”

  10. Americans need to understand that when our politicians target and impose harsh tariffs and sanctions on nations, they are simply punishing competitors “perceived” to be a threat to America’s global military power or economic hegemony. Such perceptions are usually lies and propaganda designed to irresponsibly increase the U.S. defense budget - at the expense of more important and needed US government services.

  11. As our US economy slides further into an authoritarian corporatocracy (see below) Americans must learn how to research and identify US companies who, under the cover of irresponsible deregulation, are 1) criminally lying to American customers/consumers, 2) producing dangerous, unhealthy, or defective products, and 3) directly or indirectly fosters public health and/or public safety hazards. These irresponsible corporate players should be exposed, boycotted, and prosecuted.

  12. It’s past time for Americans to acknowledge that our 21st century two-party political system is totally dysfunctional - currently administered by the most politically incompetent leaders we have seen in our adult lives.

One last important piece of financial adviceStop the mindless scapegoat blaming of “government” as the cause of your discontent, fears, and frustrations. This all too common lazy ignorant belief system is hypocrisy. And this form of scapegoating especially applies to the cause of inflation.

The opposition politician who is not currently in the White House will always blame the current president for inflation, or any other prevailing economic weakness.

In fact, the primary cause of today’s inflation is corporate price gouging, plain and simple. The sacred cow of capitalist price efficiency has long ago been usurped by private equity and monopolistic corporate greed.


The United States was originally created as a republic, in which Americans were supposed to have power through representation - who were supposed to represent the American people.

The truth today, however, is that the United States is neither a democracy nor a republic. Americans are now ruled by a corporatocracyA partnership of "too-big-to-fail" American corporations, the extremely wealthy elites, and corporate-collaborator government officials (our dysfunctional two-party political duopoly).

This very real “corporatocracy” is, in fact, what the conspiracy cults call the “deep state.”

Today’s US corporatocracy is run by the neoliberal “deep state.” If Trump is elected in November, the US corporatocracy will become a 21st century neofascist “deep state.”

Good luck with that!