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Since the market bottom we hit on December 24, 2018, it is clear the institutional US stock market investors have once again become addicted to Federal Reserve Board policies that "pander to the markets" - which, in the long run, doesn't always work out too well for middle income investors.

Yes, the Fed speak from yesterday's meeting (3/21) seems to have been written specifically for Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign, especially after Trump chastised Fed Chairman Powell for not mindlessly inplementing Trump's blatant corporate welfare policies last year. Until recently, Powell resisted pandering to Trump fragile ego and his fictionalized US economy - you know, the one that Trump constantly touts to his voter base and the investor elites he clearly represents). 

But now, apparently like all the other Trump appointees (and the Republican politicians nationwide) who still have a job - and who continue to cower to Trump's political whims - Chairman Powell compliantly said what he was supposed to say in his speech yesterday: 1) Inflation appears to be contained for now; and 2) Global growth is scheduled to slowly a little in 2019 and 2020.

Hence, as we have seen every time a stock market bubble gets eventually created by the elite US banking cabal, the Wall Street central bank addicts loved the news and today sent stocks up into even more overvalued territory.

Our Investments - a new Sector fund purchase

Still, in spite of the new 2019 irrational exuberance, there are some good value momentum investments we can take advantage of.

For example, we bought a "relevant size" position in the Gold Stock fund (symbol GDX for our Fidelity IRA and brokerage accounts and the equivalent Fidelity fund version (symbol FSAGX) for our Texas ORP/403b plans.  

Going forward, once we get a much needed pullback in stocks funds, etc. we will add more positions using our remaining money market cash position.

Thank you.  

Rocky Boschert

"Humility is strength;
Honesty is sanity;
Hate has consequences"

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