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Other than being just one more huge tax payer funded giveaway to the Wall Street oligarchs, at least this newest "CARES” bailout gives a $1,200 piece of the remaining bone to individual / unemployed (and other needy) Americans.

Not surprisingly, some Senate Republicans complained that  "lavishing" American workers with $1,200 each to deal with their pandemic layoffs would create lazy "entitled" workers. Yes, we wouldn't want the "servants and peons" of the rich to be treated fairly!

So let's see, this huge amount of money may even pay the rent or even part of someone's mortgage for possibly one month. Forget the expenses of food, utilities, gasoline, health care, etc..

Yes, Trump, his ideologue Republicans, and the corporate Democrats were sure generous - especially when the middle class tax payer must once again insure that the hugely profitable corporations on Wall Street get $ billions in bailout grants, loans, and government purchases of their toxic debt.

At least for once the lobby money codependent Senate Democrats showed some courage and forced the Republican senators to give needed survival money to small businesses, the unemployed middle class, and low income workers seriously affected by the pandemic.

Fortunately, included in the ironically named CARES bailout are the conditions that no corporate bailout money can go to further enrich Trump's real estate businesses, the Trump-Kushner family businesses, the crony businesses of Trump's favored privatization profiteers, and any all members of Congress.

In reality, if the US Federal government was adequately prepared for this pandemic - and managed by competent problem-solvers like we see everyday with our Governors and Mayors - our economy and our health care system may never have been allowed to get so dysfunctionally stressed and "sick."

The reality is obvious: Whenever rigid anti-government privatization ideologues disguising themselves as business savvy politicians gut our public health and safety budgets, we can see the dangerous scenario such governing incompetence can create.

It's time for a serious Federal income tax re-evaluation

This latest bailout makes me wonder: Why are Americans even paying taxes anymore to a Federal government that is hell bent on privatizing everything and using most of our tax dollars to benefit their insider business cronies, especially with massive corporate bailouts that seem to occurring with increasing regularity.

Most Americans are intelligent enough to know the majority of elected politicians don't work for the average citizen anyway. They work for their lobby money masters!

What are we getting anymore for our Federal tax dollars? 

This is an important and relevant question we must seriously ask ourselves.

As an educated citizen with the ability to make sane and constructive financial decisions  I have come to resent paying 1/3 of my gross income to consistently fund corporate welfare scams and bailouts for inefficient and poorly-managed Wall Street banks, polluters, war and prison profiteers, and favored privatizers who plifer our tax dollars to get richer with charter schools and for-profit military subcontractors. 

For best use reasons, I would rather have my forced tax money going to citizen welfare than corporate welfare!  

After decades of doing it, I'm fed up with bailing out the richest Americans - who we inevitably find out can't manage money very well - whenever we have another financial meltdown.

I want the option of allocating my tax dollars to the Federal government services I believe in supporting. Going forward, all citizens should have that choice. The politicians are too corrupt now to make those decisions!

The politicization of our tax dollars must end!

I want my tax dollars going to fund truly public entities: Public schools, government-operated Federal or State prisons, a Federal government-run military, and, for sure, a government tax-funded but privately-provided health care system.

It is time to say "You're fired" to the tax revenue privatization thiefs and politically connected hustlers that steal our tax dollars for crony privatization projects just because too many cult-like voters are to ignorant or angry to vote for intelligent problem-solvers.

From a sanity standpoint, I especially deplore paying taxes that end up going to shadowy uses by elected officials who directly support and endorse white supremacists, scapegoating conspiracy nuts, and other hate mongers - including extremist evangelicals. 

These promoters of racist, homophobic, and/or xenophobic divisiveness do not represent my values as an American - as they are using repressive big government tax revenue allocations to fund hate.

My tax dollars should only benefit and assist all Americans regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation who are truly in financial need - and/or for the direct benefit of national programs that benefit all citizens.

in other words, I no longer want my hard earned tax payments going to political hustlers whom promote the sick lie of hate or the irresponsible scapegoating of "the Other."

The  Covid-19 pandemic we are dealing with now - including another opportunistic Wall bailout for the Wall Street loligarchs - has turned a spotlight on what a dysfunctional political and economic nation we have become, which is undeniable when we are overwhelmed by a major public health crisis like now.

The politically corrupted use of our tax dollars, combined with the current Covid pandemic, clearly shows what happens when extremist ideological tax slashers underfund our national public health programs to instead rewards publicly-traded companies who care more about their stock price than the public health and safety of the American public.

Even without a health crisis, as a country, we can no longer afford adhering to a flawed capitalist government growth model that continues to add massive debt to our National balance sheet - while simultaneously only creating a meager 2-3% annual economic growth - especially when the minuscule growth it creates benefits fewer and fewer citizens as we move forward.

If Donald Trump and his crony privatizers believe that such an inefficient "debt to growth ratio" is a sound business model that represents a "best economy ever," he and his cabal is failing Americans miserably and doing nothing more than continuing this failing decades long economic con on gullible American voters.

Finally, we are at a point where ignorantly blaming foreigners (or tariffs - or whatever) for our own self-inflicted financial failings is nothing more than manipulative nationalist dribble. In truth, Americans have become self-destructively addicted to a faulty political economic mindset - and only a badly needed "sanity intervention" will prevent our nation from internally turning on itself, not unlike what we saw in 1930s Germany.

Rocky Boschert

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