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While it’s fashionable in some circles to compare Donald Trump and the modern-day GOP to the fascist movements of the 20th century, what’s happening on the international stage right now is actually somewhat different and, once in power, far harder to stop or overthrow.

The problem with the old 20th century fascism was that it was too brutal and militaristic: it offended voters’ even minimal human sensibilities, killed way too many people, and caused nearby nations to respond militarily to its perceived threat, ending in two world wars.

Yet make no mistake; the new politically predatory system of 21st neofascism still employs many of the same political and rhetorical tools old-fashioned fascists used to gain power - including white supremacy, scapegoating foreigners, religious superiority, ultra-nationalist hate, and a general embrace of corrupt crony capitalism.

But it does all of these Nazi-lite actions within a more "populist" wrapper, seemingly driven from the ground up, and acquiring elected power by clever manipulation of 1) social media, 2) ideologically aligned “news” outlets, 3) propaganda talk radio; 4) buying off politicians with shadow lobby money (legalized with the Citizens United ruling); and 5) mostly in MAGA run Republican states, rigging electoral systems with devices like voter-roll purges (again, legalized by the Trump Supreme Court in 2018), effectively activating mass voter suppression.

In today's America, the Trump Republican Party is committed to the core crony capitalism tenant of, as Steve Bannon outlines: “Deconstructing the administrative state”: taking down the protective and supportive powers of government to increase the predatory power of rogue police, the morbidly rich, and the corporations that support monopolies and the 'natural authority of God's chosen few'."

Of course the new Trump MAGA GOP still uses the ugly race-baiting tactics of classic 20th century fascists, but do so in ways that are more socially and economically acceptable than building death camps or pushing people out of helicopters.

They wrap themselves in flag waiving pseudo-patriotism, use slogans hearkening to the country’s Manifest Destiny founders, rail against nonwhite refugees and immigrants (instead of nonwhite citizens), and use their storm trooper violence more as 'street theatrics' - making it easier to dismiss as simply over exuberant "free speech."

Hungary: The new MAGA Republican Party political model 

This new modern era of 21st Century "authoritarianism" was pioneered by the current Prime Minister of Hungary - Viktor Orbán - who came to power in 1998 (and again in 2010) as a right wing authoritarian white nationalist after the fall of the Soviet Union liberated his nation.

Steve Bannon, a loyal Trump MAGA cult propagandist, celebrated Orbán as “Trump before Trump.” Hence, Casey Michel on the NBC News site Think noted:

“From targeting migrants to inflaming a white nationalist base, from attacking the press to whipping up nativist conspiracies, from ushering in unprecedented corruption to tearing down basic democratic protections, Trumpism is increasingly indistinguishable from Orbánism.”

Tellingly, Tucker Carlson recently did his Fox “News” show from Orbán’s Hungary and had Orbán on as a Fox News guest, all but offering him a full-body massage during the commercial breaks. The show was considered a high-water mark for Murdoch's Fox network by the MAGA right wing press, which hailed Orbán as a man with “liberty-oriented values, strong principles, a healthy nationalism - and a leadership that doesn't veer into anarchy."

And now the GOP is looking to Hungary as an entirely new governing model for their future America, assuming Trump or one of his clones can con their way back into the White House.

CPAC Goes to Hungary

Ronald Reagan gave the keynote address to the first Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 1974. Since then, every Republican president since Reagan has keynoted the conference at least once.

But the new CPAC - the new MAGA version - just announced that their 2022 meeting will be held in Budapest, Hungary - rather than the United States. This announcement was made around the same time Mike Pence gave his speech in Hungarypraising Orbán in his usual ass-kissing style

Elect Trump and/or his MAGA GOP in 2022 and 2024? Here's what you may get!

Trump will run on a new slogan “Make White America (Trump) In Control Again" by using 1) new repressive big government laws strengthening white male evangelical leadership; 2) tax revenues to keep out most non-white immigrants and refugees; 3) scapegoating to blame everyone but their incompetent GOP authoritarianism for their own failures; 4) continue to institute a mass pirating of the US constitution to fix elections through voter gerrymandering and bogus voter corruption claims; 5) packing the US courts with incompetent legal acolytes, so any challenges to the MAGA GOP's power or policies would simply die, and 6) eventually dismantle 2nd Amendment rights, because once gun owners finally see the truth behind the dictatorial Trump GOP scam, many "conservatives" will want to rise up against the MAGA GOP authoritarianism. 

Not surprisingly, women with power will be deeply marginalized under MAGA leadership, both in business and in government. Trump's politics will continue to be built on ‘character assassination of women' who challenge him. Trump's constant use of insults and attacks against women who confront his vileness will only accelerate. 

MAGA Republicanism will slowly turn the U.S into a haven of refuge for corrupt oligarchs and neofascists from other nations. And like Trump did during his first 4 year reign, he will dismantle the U.S security apparatus and turn it into his own personal, private police force, much as Trump did with or the Border Patrol during his presidency.

When it comes to choosing between 1) a neoliberal multicultural consumer economy run by American elites - or 2) an neofascist authoritarian state that keeps the wealthy at the top - the US oligarchs will ultimately be won over by Trump's manipulative tax cutting and increased wealth hording. The elites will become even wealthier, eventually retaining control over every commercial and manufacturing sector worth any significant value.

While there’s still some independent press in America, all the major outlets and networks will eventually be controlled by Trump GOP cronies - so any opposition press - including critical "conservative" media - will be tiny and highly marginalized.

Trump's MAGA GOP will continue to declare war on science, dismantling science education - and declaring that climate change is “left-wing trickery made up by "liberals and science alarmists."

Trump and his evangelical extremists will pass laws requiring “conservative only” sex education in schools - which means "gay" is seen as evil - while banning any positive portrayal of LGBTQ people in the media.

Like many far-right evangelicals do now, the more insane GOP leaders will increasingly conflate homosexuality with pedophilia, passing more and more laws demonizing and ultimately criminalizing gays and the national LBGTQ community.

As the ultimate in corrupt crony capitalism privatization, Trump's GOP will continue setting up a shadow government, creating private organizations he controls that are starting to take on many government functions regardless of who controls America in the future.

As we witnessed with Trump's big election lie, America's elections, like in many nations run by corrupt dictators, will soon be largely meaningless.

Steve Bannon, pardoned by Trump for stealing money from Trump supporters for a 'built the wall" scam, made an announcement  a few week ago: "for 'shock troops of pre-trained teams' to seize control of America after the 2024 election so there’s no turning back like last year."

Trump's GOP fascism will therefore never have to face the consequences or serious political opposition similar to the violent insurrection enacted by Trump's MAGA thugs on January 6, 2021 ever again.

In 2022 and 2024, Americans will need to make a most important political economic choice: 1) The continuation of an imperfect duopoly party corporate lobby money state like America is now, using the messy and imperfect democratic process to slowly improve the nation's lot, or 2) submit to an Americanized version of a 21st century Hungary-like neofascist state controlled by corrupt white supremacist oligarchs - lead by a predatory megalomaniac who cares about no one and nothing but his own power and wealth.



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